In our sincere endeavor to serve you to the fullest, please do not hesitate to call, write, fax, or email us with any of your questions, complaints or concerns. We strive to provide quality service and if we have fallen short of that we certainly want to know.
And we would love to know if we have done well too!

(We are located in Stoney's Sand & Gravel's yard)

Stoney’s Concrete, LLC is your ready mix concrete specialists, as our delivery trucks are equipped with 2 yard and 4 yard mixers.  We will deliver any amount of ready mix that your project requires, from ¼ yard to as many of our Tonka Mixers you can handle.  We carry many additives to enhance the concrete’s appearance and performance.  We have a variety of colors we can add to the concrete, as well as strengthening fibers.  We have a 5 sack mix and a 6 sack mix, in 3/8 inch or ¾ inch aggregate, as well

as slurry with no aggregates. One of our company representatives will be glad to quote you a price and schedule a delivery for you.  We are at the same location as Stoney's Sand & Gravel, LLC on Highway 41 in Lemoore.
Pricing for the local area, if you are out of the local area of Lemoore, Hanford, Armona, Stratford, Riverdale or Laton then please call one of our qualified assistants and they will quote you a price.
 5 Sack Mix
$138.00/yd + Tax
 6 Sack Mix
$150.50/yd + Tax
 7 Sack Mix
$163.00/yd + Tax
We do have several Colors that we can add to your concrete upon request  
for $35.00 per yard

We can also add Calcium for $10.00 per yard

And Fibermesh for $15.00 per yard

2 1/2 yards and under you receive 30 minutes free to pour your concrete, over 2 1/2 yards you receive 1 hour free to pour your concrete.  After that the price is $1.00 per minute.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at our office at:  559.924.9229